Jodie Lee (Dulcimer & Vocals) Ricky Allan (Banjo & Vocals)
Coalville Road are a duo that play a uniquely satisfying
mix of Appalachian, country and bluegrass music tied
together with beautiful harmonies.

2 talented singer/song-writers in their own right, Jodie-Lee
and Ricky Allan, have teamed up to create the unique duo ‘Coalville Road’.

Jodie-Lee has been playing music for over 20years,

in various bands, country, cabaret, rock'n'roll and folk.

She has produced 3 CD's, with the last CD being all

original songs. Jodie-Lee's countrysong ‘Granny's

Rockin' Chair’ sat on the Australian country music
charts for 8 weeks. She has played at many venues

and Festivalsthroughout Australia.

Ricky Allan is a multi-instrumentalist that has played

in various bands in Queensland, Sydney and Victoria

but has established himself in recent years as a

singer/songwriter in the Latrobe Valley.
After studying his Music Degree, majoring in composing and
songwriting, Ricky now works as a music teacher and applies his musical skills to performing and composing locally.

‘Coalville Road’ are a one of a kind musical act. Jodie Lee
and Ricky Allan's voices blend as one when singing harmonies and
their fantastic combination of instruments, (banjo and mountain dulcimer),
combine to produce a uniquely Australian Appalachian sound that captivates audiences wherever they play.